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Rapala Countdown® Series
$6.79 - $8.69

Properly weighted for controlled sinking action. Rapala® CountDown® is designed for holding to a pre-determined depth or casting into the wind. [more]

Berkley Trilene XT Mono
$3.69 - $74.99

Flexible monofilament line that maintains toughness against sharp objects and in heavy cover. This filler spool is easy to manage for all your fishing needs. [more]

$14.99 - $15.49

Balsa core and copolymer shell. Kicking action. Floating. Can be cast or trolled. Catches multi-species gamefish.VMC Black nickel round bend hooks. [more]

Rapala X-Rap® Shad

The legendary Shad body shape from Rapala® with X-Rap® attitude. Integrated long-casting system partners with an irresistible rattle to offer classic Rapala® swimming action or X-Rap® Xtreme Slashbait® action. Internal textured finishes and rattle system, 3D holographic eyes unites with Premium… [more]

Storm Original ThunderStick® Deep
$6.29 - $26.76

You have to go to where the fish are, and this bait can. When those walleye are deep this is your bait. It has all the features of the original ThunderStick®: with a much deeper range. This bait can reach depths of up to 24 feet while still staying true to its searching action. Rattling, deep… [more]

Rapala Jointed Deep Husky Jerk®
$8.29 - $8.89

The Jointed Deep Husky Jerk® swims with the classic Rapala "wounded-minnow" wobble and an exaggerated tail action that fish can't refuse. Whether you're working a slow, back-trolling crawl or a high-speed pass, this lure runs straight and true. Slow-sinking properties allow this lure to be fished… [more]

Rapala Jointed®
$9.79 - $12.99

With a slight exaggeration of the unique Rapala baitfish in distress swimming action, the Jointed® gets the undivided attention of otherwise disinterested gamefish. This articulated, or broken-back bait can be fished top-to-bottom. Swimming action at the slowest of speeds makes this bait the… [more]


Weighted body. Swimming lip design. Rolling aciton. External scales. 3D holographic eyes. Hand-tuned & tank tested. Slow sinkiing on pause. [more]

Rapala Shad Rap® Freshwater
$9.49 - $9.79

Casts like a bullet, work at a variety of depths and embody the legendary Rapala action. Equally effective whether cast or trolled and is designed to be fished at ultra slow to super fast speeds without negative effect.Bleeding patterns features bleeding gills, red lip and hooks creates the… [more]


The new Ultra Light Minnow comes in two sizes: 4cm and 6cm, which weigh 3g and 4g respectively. Both are plastic lures which feature internal weights and are slow sinkers. The lip on this lure is rather reminiscent of the Shallow Shad Rap and it looks and feels like a really nicely made bait.… [more]

Storm ThunderStick® Madflash Deep
$7.79 - $31.96

With traditional colors and finishes plus UV Bright finishes, 3-D holographic eyes and external scale pattern even the baitfish can't tell its a lure. All species of fish will devour this bait whether trolled, cast, twitched or jerked this bait deserves a spot in every anglers tackle box. And with… [more]

Rapala Shad Rap RS®
$8.29 - $8.89

The plastic version of the original Shad Rap, the Shad Rap RS is a little heavier for easier casts in wind. Slightly different "wobble" with a cadence-type rattle plus suspends on the stall like a real baitfish. Premium VMC® black nickel hooks. Hand-tuned and tank-tested for consistent swimming… [more]

Berkley Fireline Fused Original
$19.49 - $174.99

Fast casting, no memory and smooth finish. Ultimate sensitivity, instant feel for structure and strikes. Ultra-thin diameter, incredible lure action and low visibility. Exceptional strength, three times stronger than mono. [more]

Storm Deep Baby Thunderstick®

Tight action runs true at high speeds. Loud multi-ball rattle. Suspending. External scales. 3-D holographic eyes. Premium Black Nickel VMC® hooks. Colors and finishes that maximize flash. UV Bright finish reflects more light energy strengthening the lure's visibility. [more]

Storm Deep Baby Thunderstick®

Tight action runs true at high speeds. Loud multi-ball rattle. Suspending. External scales. 3-D holographic eyes. Premium Black Nickel VMC® hooks. Colors and finishes that maximize flash. UV Bright finish reflects more light energy strengthening the lure's visibility. [more]


The slightly exaggerated rattlin' and suspending action of the Jointed Shad Rap, now with a shallow diving lip. The near the surface, struggling action perfectly imitates a baitfish in distress. Even at the slowest of speeds the jointed shad body looks and vibrates like a wounded baitfish.… [more]

Rapala Jointed Series
$10.49 - $13.99

The same action as the Original Jointed but now in Bleeding patterns that features bleeding gills, red lip and hooks creates the ultimate injured minnow look-alike. [more]

$7.09 - $30.36

Original metal lip. Original molds, components, patterns and colors. Original packaging style. WIld searching action. Top lure for trolling for walleye. Premium VMC® hooks. Loud rattle. [more]

Eagle Claw Catfish Spinning Kit Combo

Includes durable fiberglass rod and 1 ball-bearing reel for all-day fishing fun! Also includes nitro biscuits catfish bait, clamp-on fishing bell, ready-to-fish catfish rig and an assortment of 60 fishing hooks! [more]

Plano Utility Boxes Waterproof Cases
$21.99 - $84.99

Featuring an all new design, the Guide Series waterproof cases are now available in our four classic StowAway® footprints: 3449, 3500, 3600 and 3700 allowing them to be used in our tackle bags alongside our traditional StowAway® utility boxes. With cam-action latches and Dri-Lock? O-ring seal these… [more]

Storm Hot ?N Tot® MadFlash
$7.99 - $34.36

Classic Hot N Tot® searching action and metal lip as the original but loaded with the hottest fish catching innovations. Featuring detailed external scale patterns, classic and UV Bright finish choices, 3-D holographic eyes and VMC® premium black nickel hooks the fish won't know what hit em. The 2"… [more]

Shimano Front Sienna®
$28.99 - $30.99

Get more bang for your buck with Sedona Spinning Reels. Available in a variety of sizes, the Sedona FD incorporates top-of-the-line features like Propulsion, Super Stopper II and Fluidrive II. [more]

Plano Tackle Boxes8616 Magnum Hip Roof Box

The 8616 Magnum Hip Roof Box has twenty percent more bulk storage space and larger trays. In green and sandstone, the 8616 includes adjustable dividers that allow you to create 38-46 compartments for incredible storage options. Integrated lure trays and can holders on the lid make this angler… [more]

$18.49 - $33.99

Rapala has combined the famous Rapala flexible blade with a no-slip, soft grip handle for filleting comfort. Comes complete with coordinated black textured sheath and single-stage sharpener. [more]

Flambeau Tackle Boxes Classic Tray Series
$17.99 - $36.99

Each includes removable dividers for enhanced storage capabilities. The recessed cover provides a place to lay out baits for quick and easy access. Each box features a draw-tight latch, tongue-and-groove construction, Tip-Guard? tray supports and all-weather, worm-proof materials. [more]

Berkley 7" Soft Grip Knife

7" Premium fillet knife is perfect for cleaning most mid-size fish. Ideal blade flex for fast and easy filleting. Corrosion resistant 420 stainless steel blade. Sharpener and sheath included. [more]

Berkley FireLine Fused Tracer
$17.99 - $19.49

Combines the ultimate in low-visibility with all of the FireLine features and benefits. Incredibly thin diameter for unbelievable lure action and low visibility. Incredibly strong, three times stronger than mono. Ultimate sensitivity, telegraphic feel for structure and strikes. [more]

Shimano Sedona® Fd Spinning Reels

Incorporating top-of-the-line features including Shimano's innovative Propulsion Line Management System, the Sedona FD series includes the SE500FD, 1000FD, 2500FD and 4000FD. The larger reels have Varispeed Oscillation, while the ultralight 500FD is designed with Slow Oscillation and a redesigned… [more]

Thermacell Butane Cartridges Refills

Replacement cartridges for all Thermacell® mosquito repellent protects and TheraSCENT® scent dispensers. [more]

Salmo Hornet Deep Runner

Super deep runners features the same body size and profile as the classic Hornets, but run a full 2 foot deeper. [more]

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