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Storm Original ThunderStick® Deep
$6.29 - $26.76
You have to go to where the fish are, and this bait can. When those walleye are deep this is your bait. It has all the features of the original ThunderStick®: with a much deeper range. This bait can reach depths of up to 24 feet while still staying true to its searching action. Rattling, deep diving all finished off with premium hooks from VMC®.
$14.99 - $15.49
Balsa core and copolymer shell. Kicking action. Floating. Can be cast or trolled. Catches multi-species gamefish.VMC Black nickel round bend hooks.
Rapala X-Rap® Shad
The legendary Shad body shape from Rapala® with X-Rap® attitude. Integrated long-casting system partners with an irresistible rattle to offer classic Rapala® swimming action or X-Rap® Xtreme Slashbait® action. Internal textured finishes and rattle system, 3D holographic eyes unites with Premium VMC® black nickel treble hooks and flash feather teaser tail for an ultimate fishing lure. Fish it hard and fast, or slow and easyeither way...hang on.
Rapala Shad Rap® Freshwater
$9.49 - $9.79
Casts like a bullet, work at a variety of depths and embody the legendary Rapala action. Equally effective whether cast or trolled and is designed to be fished at ultra slow to super fast speeds without negative effect.Bleeding patterns features bleeding gills, red lip and hooks creates the ultimate injured minnow look-alike. Running depth:4'-15'
Rapala Shad Rap RS®
$8.29 - $8.89
The plastic version of the original Shad Rap, the Shad Rap RS is a little heavier for easier casts in wind. Slightly different "wobble" with a cadence-type rattle plus suspends on the stall like a real baitfish. Premium VMC® black nickel hooks. Hand-tuned and tank-tested for consistent swimming action every time. Running depth: 5'-15'. Rattling & Suspending. Long-Casting. Premium VMC® Black Nickel Hooks.
The slightly exaggerated rattlin' and suspending action of the Jointed Shad Rap, now with a shallow diving lip. The near the surface, struggling action perfectly imitates a baitfish in distress. Even at the slowest of speeds the jointed shad body looks and vibrates like a wounded baitfish. Multi-species appeal.
Storm Deep Baby Thunderstick®
Tight action runs true at high speeds. Loud multi-ball rattle. Suspending. External scales. 3-D holographic eyes. Premium Black Nickel VMC® hooks. Colors and finishes that maximize flash. UV Bright finish reflects more light energy strengthening the lure's visibility.
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