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Primos Magnum Roar Grunt Call
The most accurate buck grunts and Challenge Wheeze? of any deer call we have ever made and when you need that Magnum volume to get a response from a mature buck, reach for the Magnum RoarĀ®! This is our loudest most accurate sounding Buck RoarĀ® EVER!!! No other call on the market can so accurately reproduce this sound. When proto-typing and testing this call Will Primos was able to call in the largest buck he has ever taken in his home state. Believe us it works!
Primos Bottleneck Deer Grunt
Compact, Single Reed Deer Grunt. Mid-Tone deep grunts and ROAR's. Soft all-rubber design. Lanyard included.
Primos Power Buck & Doe
Inhale - exhale operation. Throaty grunts and clicking tones of aggressive bucks to estrus bleats and cries of does. Single and double reed options, all in one call. Dual reed assembly for inhale buck or doe and exhale buck or doe. Includes a built-in compass.
Primos Rubber Neck Grunter
With the push of a button, converts from a mature buck grunt to a young buck grunt or an estrus doe bleat. For the ultimate tone and volume control, just squeeze the megaphone end. You can use the call with the traditional lanyard around your neck or strap it to your right or left arm so your call is easily accessible at those critical moments.
Primos The Great Big Can?
Larger size for louder and Long-range Estrus Bleats?. Perfect for pre-rut, rut and post-rut hunting. Perfect for windy days and hunting wide-open fields
Primos Still Grunter
We created the Still Grunter because we wanted an accurate sound and a grunt call that was smaller than traditional calls. The Still Grunter is one of our favorites.
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