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Flextone Funky Chicken
Trigger aggressive behavior in ALL gobblers during the spring mating season to bring them in with the flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy. This revolutionary decoy design uses a unique body shape and appearance to fire up territorial aggressiveness in both gobblers and jakes. The Funky Chicken's harmless looking, oversized color neck and head and tall but skinny stature grabs gobblers' attention, encouraging them to come fast to beat up on the wimpy turkey. Comes with metal stake for quick and easy setup in the field.
Quaker Boy Thunderbird™ Gobble Call
Extremely loud, high pitched, easy to carry and comes with a sound proof cap. One or two handed operation. This call will make even the weariest of old gobblers give their location away. One extremely effective locator call.
Flextone Thunder Cluck-n-purr
$11.99 $16.99 29% Savings
Perfect Purrs, Soft Clucks And Yelps From An Easy-to-use, Handheld Mouth Call. Close To Mid Range Hen Call. Easy To Master With A Little Practice. Flex It Technology And Double-sided Sound Chamber For Natural Sound.
Flextone Thunder Cut’n
$11.99 $16.99 29% Savings
Accurate, natural turkey sound from an easy-to-use, handheld mouth call. Long to mid range hen call - big volume for long distance calling. Easy to use with a little practice. Revolutionary flexible design - go loud or soft to match your situation. Flex It technology and double-sided sound chamber for natural sound.
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